About Us

Focused on food from the start.
Now, the world's largest collection of food images and media.

StockFood is the world’s leading food specialist among media agencies. We provide creative professionals with the most wide-ranging, high-quality collection of food images and videos available anywhere. Our offerings also include feature articles with images and text, and recipes in several languages.

Food Photography since 1979

Founded in Munich, Germany by photographer Pete A. Eising, StockFood specialized in the art of food from the very beginning. The company initially offered exclusively Rights-managed images. In 2002 the offering was expanded to include Royalty-free images, and in 2008 videos were added. In 2011, features – complete articles including images and text – became available too. Today, an in-house editorial team can supply appropriate text for all images, videos, feature articles and recipes.

Whether modern, classical, conceptual, artistic or extravagant – content and productions by StockFood can be found today in high-quality print publications, mobile apps, advertisements, books and calendars worldwide. StockFood has been a subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media since 2016.

Present and connected worldwide

After many other special agencies and professional services were added in recent years, StockFood GmbH was renamed Image Professionals GmbH in September 2019. In addition to our headquarters in Munich, we have an international network of partner agencies in over 75 countries. Image Professionals employs around 60 people.

Image Professionals belongs to national and international organizations, including:

Image Professionals GmbH (Munich, Germany)
Image Professionals GmbH (Munich, Germany)