From great how-to recipe videos to creative short clips –
high-quality media for websites, mobile apps and much more.

StockFood represents a wide selection of fresh, modern videos: from superb recipe videos with narration, which demonstrate the step-by-step preparation of a dish, to creative and varied short clips. All videos can be provided in formats suitable for the electronic use or in HD – ideal for websites, blogs, social media, trailers, digital signage, TV and much more.

Recipe Videos

  • Fully edited videos, which show the step-by-step preparation of a dish
  • With original soundtrack narration (voice and sound tracks are separate for ease of synchronization)
  • Single frame images and recipe text also available
  • Entertaining display cooking – no restrictions on commercial use
  • Ideal for food websites, blogs, mobile apps, enhanced eBooks etc.
  • Approx. 1 – 5 minutes in length
  • Prices from €75.00
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Recipe videos are produced by a whole team of different specialists, including camera operator, food stylist, director, photographer, writer, narrator, editor and more. Every recipe video includes first class cooking instructions that can turn you into a master chef. But see for yourself: click her for Trailer Recipe Videos.

Short Clips

  • Short sequences – high-quality and creative
  • Edit and sound carried out by the customer
  • Different pricing models available: low-priced Value Clips as well as high quality Premium Clips
  • Ideal for inclusion in trailers, websites, presentations, digital signage etc.
  • Length < 1 minute
  • Prices from €19.00
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Whether concise, symbolic, eye-catching or conceptual, you will find the perfect material for your project in our wide-ranging collection of short clips. These are available for you to assemble as required and add your own sound. Let yourself be inspired by our trailer short clips, which we have created for you out of selected short clips.

What's the Difference between Recipe Videos and Short Clips?

Recipe Videos Short Clips
Content Step-by-step instructions for preparing a dish or explanation of a cooking technique Short sequence
Edit and Sound Fully edited video
including original soundtrack and narration
Edit and sound by customer
Additional Material Recipe text, narration text, single frame images -
Uses Content for food websites, blogs,
mobile apps, enhanced eBooks, etc.
Inclusion in trailers, presentations,
banners, digital signage, etc.
Length Approx. 1-5 min. < 1 min.
Licensing Model Rights-managed (RM) Rights-managed (RM) and Royalty-free (RF)
Prices From €75.00 From €19.00
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