The New Visual Language: An Homage to Art History

Dramatic, noble, rich in contrast – that is the new visual language "Chiaroscuro". The Italian term is a combination of the words "chiaro" for clear and bright and "scuro" for dark.

Food photography in this style is based on the paintings of the 16th and 17th centuries that used the contrasting elements of Chiaroscuro. These images are strongly reminiscent of noble still-lifes by Caravaggio, Rembrandt von Rijn, and Johannes Vermeer. Like the old masters, the photographers make skillful use of the sophisticated interplay of light and shadow. The sharp contrast of light and dark are the essential components of Chiaroscuro.

Bundled light mercilessly forces the viewer to look at the subject. Dishes and ingredients are thus isolated and placed in an exposed position. Rustic props such as old dishtowels and natural materials in muted tones against dark backgrounds create a moody atmosphere. The result: pure drama!

Let yourself be captivated by these masterful compositions and enjoy the stylish beauty of "Chiaroscuro".